Songbird Story by Michael Rosen

Songbird Story by Michael Rosen, Illustrated by Jill Dow

  • Reading level: 4+ years
  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books; New edition edition (3 March 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0711212510

Summary :

Fip and Feppa are songbirds who live in two different woods, on either side of a wide river. They are happy visiting each other until first Fip and then Feppa is trapped by a bird-catcher.


Before I say anything about the story, I would love to say something about the illustrations – Gorgeous! And that’s the reason I picked this beauty up and also because my daughter absolutely loves birds / books on birds.

Fip and Feppa live in 2 different woods separated by the wide river. They are gorgeous songbirds, who sing so beautifully that it seems the whole woods has become a song and is singing along. They hear each other singing and before long they cross the rivers to be with each other and sing together. But not far away, a bird catcher hears their song, and devises a cunning way and catches Fip. Fip is sold to a man who buys him for his daughter who is delighted to have him. Next Feppa is captured and is sold too. And they both end up living in the same neighborhood.

What follows is their story on how they eventually get together in a cage, and how being in the same cage makes them realise that they really do not like each other much. And finally they end up free and happy and together in the woods forever.

You see there is a difference in the male and female songbirds look, and I pointed it out my almost-6 year old. The woods, the cities, the landscapes everything is illustrated with gorgeous greens and every spread is exquisite. The story is simple and charming. And my son asked me why people would wants birds in a cage? and well I had no answer.

4 Stars!

Recommended to all Bird-Lovers, to all looking to read a story with substance.

Taking yet another blog break!

Phew…. much awaited Rains have hit Mumbai and with it comess
– Aarya’s school reopens [ YAY! ]
– smelly, wet shoes [ if they dry, I can pack them up lol]
– cold but dried laundry – but there is that smell only SUN can take away!
– tons and tons of washing, and no place to put them all out
– my exams [ yep, my final and very last exams]

So to cope with the first and the last – I need a break. I had project presentation and Viva et all, and am happy to report, it went well.

Meanwhile follow me on Instagram, to see our daily life in action [ pics of my lovelies mostly, and maybe some other things in between)

So I will see you all in July… hopefully stressed and missing my blog πŸ˜‰

We went to Adlabs Imagica this month, review to come in July πŸ™‚ In short – we LOVED it.