31 Days of Gross Motor–Week 1

I was hoping to have a good week with a huge list of activities that Aarya and I did together, but **sigh**, Aarya was not amused when I asked him to do a Jumping Jacks or dance on a Wild Music. I learned he just doesn’t like me to tell him what he should do. So for Week 1, I let him do what he wanted.

1st week there was lot of cycling inside and outside the house (pic had to be edited because of no underclothes. He has learned that once he uses his potty, he can just refuse to wear his pant again :D)


Then we had a lot of running and hopping and going wild with some Bollywood music.


And when I wanted him to do some sort of clever idea involving chairs, he came up with his own idea of using the chair. That is him using it as a train 🙂 This has been going on everyday since then. I hope our investment on these dinning chair is going to go waste very very soon 🙂


This is just one days pics. The second day included all of the above activities, but also had a lot of ball kicking around with friends. We spent at least an hour out playing and fighting over the ball. But it was fun – we learned about giving everyone turns, and controlling the urge to whine and many other life lessons. No photos sorry! It was a impromptu outing. We are doing it everyday though.

Day 3 – We had a frog walk, bear walk and monkey dance. No pics.

Day 4- Nothing! We traveled to meet Aarya’s Best Friend, Vava(the dog). And there he had way more fun than all week combined.

photo.jpgNext week I hope to have more pics and more varied activities. Check out Royal Baloo’s and 3 Dinosours posts and check out there 1st week full of some wonderful ideas.


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