Indian Independence Day Activities for kids

On this day in 1947, India won her Independence after spending over 100 years under British Raj. Today marks the 68th year of Independence.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela.

Our generation or the generation before or after will never know the real meaning of freedom or how our ancestors struggled and eventually fought to give us this right to live free.

Aarya (age 4) knows that India is our country and can identify our flag… but doesn’t really *get* what it really means. This month I want to focus on making him understand (at a very basic level) what it all really represents.

Our National Flag and its significance-

–> Here is an awesome post done by Rashmie from Mommy Labs explaining the significance of our National flag. I hope to explain all this to Aarya at some point.

A very beautiful and informaive craft on the Dharma Chakra is the highlight of Rashmie’s post about Indian flag.

–> This post from Putti’s World has an awesome collection of Indian Flag crafts.

Books (general) –

Here is a list of awesome books put together by Manjiri @Buzzing Bubs which help teach kids the essence of freedom!

There are a few Picture books as well as some well-loved classics in this list.

Here is a list of some good books set in/ about India. I hope to find several more and add to our list very soon!


Independence Day Activities for kids

Here is a list of 50+ activities, all related to Independence Day; collected and shared by the awesome Shruthi over at Artsy Craftsy Mom! I cannot think we can add anything to this list, it is so comprehensive and exclusive!

Another beautiful craft shared by The Mom Views is also on our list of to-do!


We hope to make the tricolor pulav (rice), here is a recipe with natural ways to color the rice! And totally love the wayshe did it too.

This rice recipe from Cooking My Way uses food coloring, but looks equally yummy!


I hope you all have a wonderful day!

In today’s world, I pray our kids are free from bullying, abuse, hatred and war.

Book Love: THE PLEASANT RAKSHASA by Sowmya Rajendran

The Pleasant Rakshasa
story : Sowmya Rajendran
pictures : Niveditha Subramaniam
Tulika Publishers

Blurb: Karimuga is a rakshasa, a pleasant rakshasa. He is a beautiful rakshasa too. But that makes all other rakshasas jealous of him.  Karimuga can’t bear to see them unhappy…
Sowmya Rajendran inverts our ideas about beauty, happiness and rakshasas with humour and a light touch. Niveditha’s quirky pictures have little and big rakshasas romp through the pages, in pinks and purples, blues and greens, adding to the fun.

I have been eyeing this book for quite sometime. Aarya is scared of the *imaginary* monsters he has in his mind. This book didn’t look much scary, had gorgeous illustrations and a good message I was sure Aarya would pick it up, the minute he saw it. So I ordered (along with 4 other books).  The books arrived and funnily enough, Aarya did not even look in its direction. Even after a week, he did not want to read it. Then one day, I just gently asked him, if he would like to see the pictures at least? He said a blunt NO! Disappointed…really doesn’t capture the feeling; I just did not understand. So I started reading the book to baby ( who loved the colors (she tried to eat the book on more than one occasion). This worked, because he started *listening*, the slowly seeing the book from a distance to actually coming near to me when I read it.

It is not his favorite book, it is about monsters you see. But it is a good book, and it is unlike any book we own. I really like the way Sowmya cleverly refocuses our view on what real beauty truly means. It is really difficult for kids this young to really understand what inner beauty means, bu the author presents it to her young audience with elan and ease. I am sure I am going to add many more titles from this author to our shelves!

Because I loves this book a lot, and wanted for Aarya to get over his fear of monters in general… we did this fun, simple and lovely activity.

Adorable Monster stone puppets!

**Inspired byMister Maker on CbeeBies

What you will need:

  • Some Rocks – we had 5, I bought these from the guys who sell plants and fertilizers on the road side.
  • Paint – I used normal paints
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom-poms

To make:

** Paint your rocks your favorite color. you can never guess, aarya’s favorite color.

**If you have the patience, then let them dry on one side and then the paint the other side. I skipped the other side, but Aarya painted the whole rock blue. have to let it dry.


**All the pleasant monsters in the world need some nice designs, go ahead pink is a good color for that.



**LET it dry, please.

**Add googly eyes. Pom-poms for hair and nose. You will need to let it dry for sometime, or use a glue gun!

No, we did not let it dry… we glued them right after we painted!

**Draw your teeth on a piece of paper and cut it out (you can totally make out which teeth’s aarya drew) and paste.

5 little Monsters jumping on the bed!

Tada!!! All set to be awesome paper-weights for gifting. Work well for singing the 5 Little Monter song too!

Here the nursery rhyme for you :)


Buy The Pleasant Rkshasa from Tulika books.
Please Note – The book is purchased by me.
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or more like procrastination. [I just do not use many big words, they scare me]. But this, I have been doing a lot these days.

There are a few things I have realized -

* I can only blog about BOOKS. I am passionate about it, I read Children’s books a LOT, and I love talking about it.

* Almost all our activities revolve around a book.

* I want to get back to some fiction reading for me too.  #mommytime

* I am passionate about helping Aarya garner a LOVE for reading. In this age and time, it is the MOST challenging thing to work on. But I will, because I want him to read, to discover… the possibilities. Frankly, movies are awesome – but they are one man’s (or woman’s) interpretation of a book (if it is an adaptation). When you read, you can imagine, the same in your space and world and God! is that limitless? Harry Potter, was so much MORE when I was reading it, and to be true to myself, I found a LOT missing when I saw the movies – but it was good, nevertheless.

* I really do not worry about following a pattern. My space is about us, so vivid and random are we; my posts definitely will reflect that.

* I recently got active on Twitter ( I joined in June, 2010 according to Twitter), and I do not hate it. And you already know I am on Instagram ALL day :) – follow along ( and I follow you back if you share at least one of my passions) :)

What’s in store from us:

Books (both picture books and fiction), related picture-book activities, random updates of our boring life, loads of photos, some quick recipes (though I am not into cooking) and some random posts on #parentingfailures :)

On more serious note -

With just 4 months left in the year, I have decided to join

300 books – MAY not happen, but I am positive we will have LOADS of reading.


This will push me to read more and we write about books more. Which means there will be weekly updates on the blog and almost daily updates on Instagram and twitter (again, follow me — already!)

And I will also be posting reviews (without activities) of our favorites books. Please note, ALL the books are purchased by me (or my sister) for our library ( I am yet to find a library that has AWESOME collection of picture books). I am also planning on some giveaways!

I did mention I was working with Aarya on phonics and I will be sharing our journey with you. That means a review of our favorite Bob Books is coming soon too. (whoops! did I just take on too much?) May be, but this gets me excited YAY!

I would like to THANK YOU all for sticking around through all of my bad, difficult and confused states. And I do hope I have a lot to write and read and blog about :)

PS – I do not blog for likes, but I do that to meet like-minded people, and I have found many, whom I am honored to call friends! You know who you are, and I love you ALL!

 PPS – My awesome blogger friend Poornima of ‘A spoonful of ideas‘ just launched her craft kits on; so please if you are looking for buying economical craft kits please do check her store out! Supporting each other is what we do best :)